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Yadav Singh corruption case is case of corruption in Uttar Pradesh.

devinder singh yadav

Raids conducted by the Income Tax Department in November showed that Singh owned huge property disproportionate to his known sources of income. He was suspended by Government of Uttar Pradesh and in February a one-member judicial commission to probe into the multi-crore case was set up the state government. Uttar Pradesh government went to Supreme Court of India against the High Court's order however the Supreme Court refused to entertain the government's plea.

Earlier too in March he was suspended and an FIR filed against him in a Rs crore properties scam. However in the Akhilesh Yadav closed the case and cancelled his suspension and reinstated him to the same post. Yadav Singh has no formal degree in engineering. Singh was once again elevated to the post of project engineer PE in when he did not have an engineering degree.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Times of India. Retrieved 31 December India Today. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.He is the president of the Samajwadi Party and has served as the 20th Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh from to Having assumed office on 15 March at the age of 38, he is the youngest person to have held the office.

His first significant success in politics was being elected as the Member of the Lok Sabha for the Kannauj constituency. She died in With Mulayam Singh Yadav busy making a career in politics, Akhilesh was brought up mostly by his paternal grandparents. He also has a master's degree in environmental engineering from the University of SydneyAustralia.

He submitted his resignation to Governor Ram Naik on 11 March. Since Yadav became chief minister, the family was divided into two feuding groups, one siding with him and the other with his uncle Shivpal Singh Yadav.

Yadav had the support of his father's cousin, Ram Gopal Yadav. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian Politician. Daily Pioneer. Retrieved 5 April Lok Sabha Secretariat. Retrieved 7 January The Caravan.

Jitendra Singh (politician, born 1956)

Retrieved 22 May Retrieved 21 June India Today. Retrieved 22 June The Times of India. The Economic Times. Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh. Singh Baghel S. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Assumed office 1 January Assumed office 23 May In office — University of Sydney M. Member of Parliament for Kannauj — President Samajwadi Party 1 January — Present.Yadav refers to a grouping of traditionally mainly non-elite, [1] [2] [3] [4] peasant - pastoral communities or castes in India that since the 19th and 20th centuries [5] [6] have claimed descent from the mythological king Yadu as a part of a movement of social and political resurgence.

The term Yadav now covers many traditional peasant-pastoral castes such as Ahirs of the Hindi beltthe Gavli of Maharashtra and the Konar of Tamil Nadu. Traditionally, Yadav groups were linked to cattle raising and as such, were outside the formal caste system. The term Yadav or sometimes Yadava has been interpreted to mean a descendant of Yaduwho is a mythological king. Using "very broad generalisations", Jayant Gadkari says that it is "almost certain" from analysis of the Puranas that AndhakaVrishniSatvata and Abhira were collectively known as Yadavas and worshipped Krishna.

Gadkari further notes of these ancient works that "It is beyond dispute that each of the Puranas consists of legends and myths At the core of the Yadav community lies a specific folk theory of descent, according to which all Indian pastoral castes are said to descend from the Yadu dynasty hence the label Yadav to which Krishna a cowherder, and supposedly a Kshatriya belonged. Historians such as P.

Chandorkar have used epigraphical and similar evidence to argue that Ahirs and Gavlis are representative of the ancient Yadavas and Abhiras mentioned in Sanskrit works. There are several communities that coalesce to form the Yadavs. Christophe Jaffrelot has remarked that. Their traditional common function, all over India, was that of herdsmen, cowherds and milksellers. However, Jaffrelot has also said that most of the modern Yadavs are cultivators, mainly engaged in tilling the land, and less than one third of the population are occupied in raising cattle or the milk business.

Rao had earlier expressed the same opinion as Jaffrelot, and noted that the traditional association with cattle, together with the belief in descent from Yadu, defines the community.

devinder singh yadav

The Shudra status is explained by the nomadic nature of herdsmen, which constrained the ability of other groups in the varna system to validate the adherence to practices of ritual purity; by their involvement in castration of the animals, which was considered to be a ritually polluting act; and because the sale of milk, as opposed to personal use thereof, was thought to represent economic gain from a sacrosanct product.

Yadavs constantly trace their caste predispositions and skills to descent, and in doing so they affirm their distinctiveness as a caste.

For them, caste is not just appellation but quality of blood Yalman 87, in Gupta This view is not recent. The Ahirs today Yadavs had a lineage view of caste Fox ; Unnithan-Kumar that was based on a strong ideological model of descent. This descent-based kinship structure was also linked to a specific Kshatriya and their religious tradition centred on Krishna mythology and pastoral warrior hero-god cults.Aged 19 when he received the decoration, he is recorded as the youngest person to ever be awarded the Param Vir Chakra.

Yadav, enlisted with 18 Grenadierswas part of the commando platoon ' Ghatak ', tasked to capture three strategic bunkers on Tiger Hill in the early morning hours of 4 July The bunkers were situated at the top of a vertical, snow-covered, foot-high cliff face. Yadav, volunteering to lead the assault, climbed the cliff face and installed ropes that would allow further assaults on the feature.

Halfway up, an enemy bunker opened up machine gun and rocket fire, killing the platoon commander and two others. In spite of having been hit by multiple bullets in his groin and shoulder, Yadav climbed the remaining 60 feet and reached the top. Though severely injured, he crawled to the first bunker and lobbed a grenade, killing four Pakistani soldiers and neutralizing enemy fire.

This gave the rest of the platoon the opportunity to climb up the cliff face. Yadav then charged the second bunker along with two of his fellow soldiers and engaged in hand-to-hand combat, killing four Pakistani soldiers. Overall Yadav was hit by 14 bullets and played a major role in capture of Tiger hills. The Param Vir Chakra was announced for Yadav posthumouslybut it was soon discovered that he was recuperating in a hospital, and it was his namesake that had been slain in the mission.

According to the Param Vir Chakra citation on the Indian Army 's website, Yadav "displayed the most conspicuous courage, indomitable gallantry, grit and determination under extreme adverse circumstances". The actions of the fictional war hero Karan Shergill played by Hrithik Roshan in the Bollywood film Lakshya on Tiger Hill are a screen adaptation of the heroic deeds undertaken by among others, the platoon of Yadav, and give a detailed description of their arduous journey to capture the strategically placed bunkers on the metre-high Tiger Hill.

The assault led by another Ghatak platoon from the same regiment on Tololing was adapted as one of the prominent battle scenes in the Hindi film LOC Kargil. Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpai portrayed the role of Yadav in the film.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the politician, see Yogendra Yadav. Subedar Major. Main article: Battle of Tiger Hill. Param Vir: Our Heroes in Battle. Roli Books Private Limited.

The Last Ghatak. Retrieved 15 December Yadava 1 January Lancer Publishers.Free for one month and pay only if you like it. The case set up by the appellants in Criminal Appeal No. At the relevant time they were entrusted with the duties and responsibilities of public order and peace in the State of Punjab.

Yogendra Singh Yadav

It is averred by the appellants that, in the early s, there was a sudden spurt in the terrorist activities, massive killings at the hands of terrorists, looting, extortions, kidnapping, resulting into total collapse of the civil administration. More than 25, civilians, men in uniform and their relatives had been killed at the hands of the terrorists resulting into migration of civil population in the border districts of Amritsar, Ferozpur and Gurdaspur.

District Amritsar was bifurcated into three police districts for the purpose of better administration, namely Amritsar, Taran Taran and Majitha. The present cases arise from police district Taran Taran which is the closest police district to Pakistan. It is further averred that on The prosecution alleged that they were killed in a fake encounter.

On the basis of the complaint lodged by Chaman Lal, father of one of the deceased, the CBI obtained sanction from the State Government to prosecute the accused as at the relevant time, under section 6 of the Act, sanction from Central Government was required. The appellants filed application under section of the Cr. The CBI contested the application on the ground that sections 4 and 5 of the Act were not applicable and there was no need for obtaining any sanction because the deceased had been killed in a fake encounter.

The Special Court dismissed the application filed by the accused persons. Aggrieved thereby, they approached the High Court by filing a criminal revision and the same has also been dismissed. The High Court has held that as per prosecution case it is a case of fake encounter, as such sanction is not required.

The same could not be said to be an act in discharge of official duties. Aggrieved thereby the appellants are before this Court. The facts are more or less similar in all the cases. Writ Petition Crl. This Court vide order dated State of Punjab. Similar orders of interim stay were passed in other cases also.

One such order was passed on On behalf of the accused appellants, order dated This Court in view of the stand taken by the CBI continued the interim stay on operation of the impugned orders and observed that the Central Government will consider the matter in terms of section 6 and in accordance with law without being prejudiced by any observation made in any of the impugned orders.

Cases were ordered to be listed after three months. This Court was informed by the Additional Solicitor General on So far as Harpal Singh is concerned, the Central Government was not the competent authority and with respect to another accused Bhupinderjit Singh, CBI has not submitted full report.

devinder singh yadav

Thereafter interim order was passed on Singh was named by Afzal Guru, who was hanged on 9 Februaryin a letter that he wrote to his lawyer Sushil Kumar from Tihar jail. Afzal also claimed that it was Singh who asked him to arrange for a car and a place to stay for the attacker. I was whisked away by STF men in bullet proof gypsy to Paihallan camp. He told me that I possess weapons but at evening time one of his inspector Farooq told me that if I can payRs.

One of his torture inspector as they called him Shanty Singh electrified me naked for 3 hours and made me drink water while giving electric shocks through telephone instrument. Ultimately I accepted to pay them Rs. Then they took the scooter too which was just months old which I bought for Rs.

Thus after getting 1 lakh rupees they let me free. But now I was a broken person. He suggested me that I should always co-operate with STF otherwise they will always harass and will not let me to live normal — free life. This fact reached to the man named Altaf Hussain who is brother-in-law of S. Ashaq Hussain of Budgam. Since it was this Altaf Hussain who managed my family rather he became the broker between my family and D.

Humhama Dravinder Singh. Since I was not knowing the man but I suspected that this man is not Kashmiri as he did not speak in Kashmiri but I was helpless to do what Dravinder told me. I took him to Delhi. Thus I went with him to Karol Bagh. He purchased the car. One day Mohammad told me that if he want to go back to Kashmir he can.

He also gave me Rs. I left the keys of rented house to my land lady and told her that I will be back after Eid festival on 14th Dec. I contacted Tariq in Sgr.

At evening he told me when I came back from Delhi. I replied just one hour before. Next morning when I was about to leave to Sopore from bus stand Sgr. They took Rs.

Yadav Singh corruption case

From there I was taken to Delhi. My eyes were blind folded. Here I found myself in special police torture cell. I told them this is not possible. Then they told me that I should not say anything about Geelani be about his innocence. After some days I was presented before media hand cuffed. The judge told me that I will be given full opportunity to speak at the end of case but at the end he even did not recorded my all statements neither the court gave me whatever even court recorded.

If phone numbers recorded will be seen carefully the court would have come to know the phone numbers of STF. Afzal says that he was entrapped by Special Task Force of Kashmir and was made to confess under duress. Here in Delhi the designated court sentenced me to death on the basis of special police version which workes in nexus with STF, and also came under the influence of mass media in which I was made to accept the crime under duress and threat by special police A.

Rajbir Singh. In Srinagar at Parompora Police Station everything of my belongings was seized and then they beated me and threatened me of dire consequences regarding my wife and family if I reveal or disclose the reality before anybody.

This was first told to me by A. As I know from last seven years how the SIF men kill the Kashmiris, how they had made youth invisible and had disappeared them while killing them in custody.Yogendra Yadav 5 September is an Indian activist, psephologist and academic whose primary interests are in the political and social sciences.

Yogendra Yadav's father is a retired professor of economics and his paternal grandfather was a teacher. His wife, Madhulika Banerjee, is an associate professor at the University of Delhi.


His birth name was Salim, which is commonly associated with people of the Muslim faith. It was changed to Yogendra when he was aged five because he was being mocked by children at school. Yadav says that his original name, and its continued usage among family members and friends, reflects a familial response to the murder of his grandfather in a communal riot in He denied the accusation that by mentioning it he was attempting to secure Muslim votes.

He was also founder-director of the CSDS Lokniti research programme on comparative democracy between and Yadav was appointed as a member of the National Advisory Council for the implementation of the Right to Education Act in InYadav supported the general aims of, and spoke publicly at events, during the nationwide anti-corruption protests and later joined the Aam Aadmi Party AAPformed by anti-corruption activists.

InYadav received Malcolm Adiseshiah Award for Development Studies [27] and inin recognition of his outstanding work on the politics of the developing world, he received Global South Solidarity Award by the International Political Science Association.

Yadav has published many articles and books. He was an editor and advisor for various publications, such as the European Journal of Political ResearchSamayik Varta and the Hindi-language social science anthologies titled Lokchhintan and Lokchintak Granthamala. Lokchintan Granthamala, a series of anthologies on social science in Hindi with V. SinghVani Prakashan, Delhi. Volumes published under this series edited by Abhay Kumar Dubey :.

Articles published include: [8].

devinder singh yadav

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